POWERBEATS PRO:everything you want on an earphones

POWERBEATS PRO: everything you want on an earphones

The new Powerbeats pro could be the  best truly wireless earphones. With a price tag of $250, they don’t come cheap. The carrying case is huge. Like this huge 👇👇👇👇👇

The case is made like a tank very robust. The size comes with an advantage. It can charge the earphone 2 times. This has an amazing sporty design. The crossbar section that houses the batteries for each bud, and it has a softened part which wraps around your ear to make it more comfortable.

The advantage over airpods though, is that the power beats pro have various sizes of in-ear tips so they have a  more customizable fit.This would fit well for everyone who had problem with the airpods fit. This had no problem staying in the ear. While the verge reporter claimed that  he jumped around playing basketball and lifted weights. The buds are water resistant, although the charging case is not so definitely dry your earphones before tossing them back in the case.

The earphone has mechanical controls. The circular “b” logo is the control for music playback and answering or rejecting calls, and there’s a small volume rocker above that. Apple H1 chip on board, you also get the option to have Siri always listening for your voice commands.

They also work with Android.  And with no problem whatsoever.  No signal dropouts, they work perfectly with the Android device.  They have an amazing range on any  true wireless headphones.POWERBEATS

The claim a nine-hour battery life of one charge is true as they go on forever. Plus with the chunky case, they are always ready and juiced up when you need them.


  • Superbly comfortable and steady in the ear, even during intense workouts
  • Huge soundstage for true wireless earphones
  • Rich sound with satisfying bass thump
  • Sweat and water resistance
  • Epic battery life for the category


  • Laughably large carrying case
  • The treble energy can be fatiguing with long listening sessions
  • Wireless or USB-C charging would have been nice
  • Not the most discreet look for office or casual environments

Nothing like this is available in the market,yet you can go to Amazon for cheap knockouts. But $250 spend on earphones only, the Powerbeats Pro can do the justice with the design wireless performance sound quality and the nine freaking hours of battery this is absolutely worth it.

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