kuwait 5g

IS KUWAIT 5G’D?5G explained?5G PRICES?

kuwait 5g

All the major network carries in Kuwait are switching to 5G.so what is 5G .i don’t wanna confuse you guys so I will keep it as simple as possible.5g is the next iteration of network with crazy speeds 1gbps + that. Means you can download the whole season of stranger things within 30 seconds. All these fancy speeds come with a catch 5G is expensive. for one major reason, .4g has large frequency waves and can travel far distance with obstacles in between like tress building etc, unlike 5G which travels in microwaves and can’t travel through obstacles so you need to stand in direct sight with the modem to get the speeds which 5G promises. This is one of the major drawbacks of 5G and the reason you don’t have 5G in your neighborhood. For 5G to get better carriers are working to deploy as many modems as possible to make a net so that the phones can switch from one modem to another simultaneous without any speed compromise. and there is just handfull of devices which are availabe which can support 5g and it’s crazy expensive and in Kuwait, the closest thing to 5g is the router which viva zain and ooredoo offer which can give you 5g speeds. I say wait for 5G to grow and get better it’s still not there ladies and gentlemen.

Kuwait 5g prices

KD45 – 500GB (Free Access Point)
KD65 – 1TB (Free Access Point)
Minimum 1-year contract

KD45 – 1TB (Free Access Point and iPad or PS4 Pro)
KD85 – Unlimited (Free Access Point and iPad or PS4 Pro)
Minimum 2-year contract

KD45 – 500GB
KD65 – 1TB (Free Access Point)
KD100 – 4TB (Free Access Point and iPad or Xbox One X or PS4 Pro)
Minimum 2-year contract

source- 248am.com


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