Huawei P30 Pro is now in  Kuwait. I got a chance to play with the phone for a couple of days. And so here is the review of the p30 & p30 pro.

You can check the Huawei phones and its products on Huawei experience store Kuwait, in Avenues.

This is my final verdict on the p30 pro, the phone is a beast and it has the best camera on any smartphone. I had few problems with the Huawei  custom skin. The emui has a few glitches but not a major one as Huawei rolls out it’s software updates pretty often and I had a Nova launcher on top because I love stock android.

The phone ranks at the top of its list. The phone is fast ,snappy and I had no problem with it.   The kirin 980 processor is a beast at handling everything I throw at it.

The camera in this phone made it to the headlines. It has 5x optical zoom. Most of the handheld cameras do not  offer that feature and Huawei managed  to fit it into a smartphone. The camera uses the main primary 40-megapixel image sensor to produce lossless zoom of 10x. And the camera can zoom up to 32x with good brightness. The picture has very little grain and pretty much no noise.

The humongous 4200mAh battery that lasts more than a day watching a whole season of The Bodyguard on Netflix, watched a couple of videos on youtube and wireless streamed music from Spotify and the phone has fast charging capacity . 15W of fast wireless charging and 40W of wired supercharge that gets the phone from 0 to 70 percent in just  30 minutes.  And has reverse wireless charging if your friend needs to charge his/her airpods, thats also available.

The display is  just fine and comes with a 6.47-inch  1080p panel, not the best viewing angles. And its sudle curved display gives it a nice touch to the design. The display gets pretty bright,  not as bright as the s10s tho but is comfortable to use and is definitely not a one-handed phone.

Yes it has a in-display fingerprint sensor that is faster than the Huawei mate 20pro, says Huawei. But it’s still not fast as a normal capacitive fingerprint sensor.  This takes a couple of sec to open.


  1. awesome zoom on any smartphone till date.
  2. awesome low-light camera.
  3. best and fast performance by Kirin 980.
  4. Battery lasts for a very long time.


  1. Buggy  software(can be fixed with a Software update)
  2. The display could be better
  3. The fingerprint reader isn’t great

Huawei smartphones are getting better and this is phone that you should be looking for as it  has the best camera performance and the best battery performance.



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Huwaei P30 & P30 Pro in kuwait

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