Apple AirPods 2 IN KUWAIT

Apple AirPods 2 IN KUWAIT


Airpods 2 coming soon to Kuwait apple took 2 years to release their next-gen Airpods. Well it is here now. I won’t say a lot has changed but there are few significant updates to this years model.
The airpods looks same, sorry to ruin the surprise. The design ,sound quality and fit are exactly the same as before even the fit is the same nothing has significantly changed.

The major changes so far from the first gen is the ability to charge wirelessly. Apple is selling  the airpods 2 in two ways, with the new wireless charging case for $199  ( 62 kd) or with the standard case for the $159 (48kd) . If you already own the first gen airpods you can just buy the case for $79(25kd) *prices may vary* . It will work exactly the same as the airpods 2.

The wireless charging case uses the universal standard Qi standard – iPhone and almost all the android flagships in the market.  The new wireless charging is cool but it’s slow. Apple claims 5 watts, it can take up to three and half hours for a full charge compared to the Lighting cable which takes two hours, only works with the flat style wireless charger. And it still charges if u have a cover on top of your Airpods case, it should work just fine.

Airpods work with Andriod phones as well as the previous generation. The double tap gesture and the ablity to pause the music when you take an Airpod out of your ears. But third-party apps can help you get that back with no problem.

The chip inside has changed the Airpods 2. It comes with the new H1 chip. Apple says the H1 chip is designed for the new feature available in the new Airpods 2 such as always on hands-free Siri access, faster switching between devices, better sound quality outdoors , lower latency when playing games and long lasting battery for calls.


  1. awesome wireless performance
  2. great for ios users and setup is easy
  3. good battery life
  4. can easily charge with a wireless pad


  1. won’t stay in everyone’s ears
  2. Noise isolation is bad in external conditions
  3. Two devices cant connect at the same time
  4. “Hey Siri” Siri voice is low

Airpods 2 doest change much. I would recommend this to a person who has Airpods from a long time and he/she wants to change it because the battery is degraded and the charge doesn’t stay for a long time,  can get this one and if your in the ios family you should get it. If you wanna save some money pick the first generation Airpods as you don’t lose anything except the slow wireless charging.

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