Would You Go On a Date With A Vampire?

Would You Go On a Date With A Vampire?



On a fine Saturday, I was procrastinating, as usual, and binging on Youtube (typical lazy ass duh!). I stumbled across a BuzzFeed video where one of their employees was set up on a date with a vampire. Interesting! I clicked on it. The guy looked kinda mild-gothic, grungy, complete with fake fangs. And he was hot and nice too! Not bad for a vampire(duh!). Nope, he was nothing like Edward Cullen (sad) and had absolutely nothing to do with Dracula (except for the fake fangs). And he certainly didn’t sparkle or sizzle in sunlight! The video was pretty good and it also left me intrigued about this whole vampire community thing. I mean, although I loved Twilight and sometimes wished they were real (only the vegetarians though!), I never thought that they were a real thing.

So off I went to Google, my trusty old mate. After some searching, I read a post about the vampire community on Washington Post. According to this particular article, on a research conducted by a guy, the vampire community was very much real. They weren’t grisly monsters with supernatural abilities, but very much human, like the rest of us, except for their grisly drinking habit, feeding on preferably human blood. Now, before you guys go crazy thinking about fictional vampires biting and killing people, let me tell you this, no, they don’t do anything of that sort (ewwww!!!). They feed mostly on the pre-packed donated blood. Yup, they got donors. Some of them have different feeding habits but none that’s harmful to humans. Why do they do it though? How do they identify themselves? As far as this article revealed many of them suffered from bodily weaknesses which were cured when they fed on blood by biting their lips (ouch!) or something like that. They felt instantly refreshed by the metallic –tasting liquid. Some tried to go for months without feeding and ended up being weak and resting in bed. Whenever they tried to walk or do something, they just didn’t have the energy to do it, until they fed.

When they confronted medical science with their condition, it didn’t have an answer. Oh, and there are other vampires too – psychic vampires, who get energy from another person by psychic means ( they don’t feed on blood). I don’t really know how true that’s though!

Some say that they aren’t vampires by choice nor are they just influenced by the fictional vampires. The article stated that the vampires don’t go around brandishing their lifestyle on others’ faces. They stay pretty low. Many of them have families and kids, albeit they hide their habits from them. They seem like nice people, they even do community cooking and all, providing food to the public. Sweet right?


Now let’s see what Wikipedia told me. According to the wiki, vampire lifestyle is an alternative lifestyle, which sometimes incorporates some elements of sadomasochism subculture (creepy!). There are four types of vampires – psychic vampires, blood donors, blood fetishists and vampire role-players. For more explicit info, please go visit Wikipedia. Anyway, what was written in the Wikipedia left me slightly uneasy. What with random criminals killing people and claiming that they did it because they needed blood for feeding as they were vampires (ugh!). Plus, some of them use blood in more unorthodox ways than just drinking. Don’t ask me, the mere thought of it makes me sick, almost.

How do I feel after reading all that and realizing that the world is a crazy world? Well, for one I wouldn’t mind them as long as they cause no harm to others. Sure, there are imposters and people who just wanna create trouble (as if there isn’t enough trouble already!). They should be taken care of, just like normal criminals are taken care of. But other than that, I don’t think the so-called vampires are dangerous.

This could be a very controversial subject for the public. People may not always be all that open-minded. However, everyone has the right to live on this earth, so stereotypes may have to change.

Anyway, it was an interesting information for me. I realized that the world is a lot more diverse than what I previously thought. What are your views on this?


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