legendary Amazons

Who were the Amazons?

        Who were the Amazons?

legendary Amazons

Oh no, I’m not talking about Amazon.com, nor am I talking about the Amazon rainforest. What I’m talking about is about legendary Amazons, a group of fierce and fearless women, warriors, smoked weed, and well, hated (and sometimes loved) men. Yup, they were badass!

According to Greek Mythology (of which they were an inevitable part), they were a tribe of warrior women. There wasn’t even a single man among them. So well, how did they reproduce? Well, in order to keep up their entire female population, they used to visit a neighboring tribe called the Gargarians. They were an entirely male tribe. They would meet once a year for entirely mating purposes. The Amazons were only interested in daughters, so legend says that they would either abandon or kill their sons.

The Amazons were long believed to be purely imaginary. But archaeological surveys have found remains of women buried with spears, bows, arrows, and quivers. Knives, daggers, other tools and even cannabis were found in these burials as well.

What’s with the name ‘Amazons?

Well, the legend about the tribe’s name is kind of gross and funny. It’s long believed that the Amazons used to cut their breasts in order to hold the bow better. But anyone who’s watched Hunger Games or seen archerwomen will understand that that is total gibberish. This notion about no breasts was actually coined by a Greek historian of the 5th Century BC. In fact, the word is not even Greek but a foreign one.

Vase paintings of warrior women depict that they were big on tattoos. Ancient Greek historians associate the tattooing practices with the culturally related tribes of Eurasia.

They also smoked weed and drank a concoction of fermented mare’s milk called kumis, which was also used during rituals.

Some of the most famous Amazons according to legend are Hippolyta, Antiope, and Thessalia. There are many more, go check out their adventures with Greek mythical heroes!

They were aggressive, they were fierce, they were tough, they were women with iron hearts! Pictures and paintings on ancient vases always depict them as strong, courageous, spirited, beautiful and brave. They were a source of inspiration for women throughout history, they still are!




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