Who can really answer what love is

Who can really answer what love is?

It’s different for everyone. For some it’s miserable, every drop falling from your eyes is a bunch of feelings , hopes and everything you wished to let go but mentally can’t. Crying makes you feel better because your body is so special that it lets go all the emotions through tears.

Ever made up the guts to look in the mirror when you’re crying and kept questioning yourself about everything that has happened?. The next time you cry, look at yourself in the mirror and calmly listen to what it has to say, look in its eyes. It knows everything, all your hidden answers lay in those eyes untouched. Don’t even think of hurting yourself for when you receive your answers. If you were strong enough to make those mistakes, you’ll be… NO! You are strong enough to deal with it now .

Look in your eyes, look at yourself and today like no other day judge yourself but only for the positives this time. Be grateful for all your strength, your intellect and beauty. Be proud of yourself, hold yourself tight and start working on what you think you require to make you more You Than you’ve ever been. It’s ok to be broken, it’s ok to say No! But it’s not ok to not work on it, to not work towards loving yourself. You weren’t a loser at birth, you aren’t a loser now. If you don’t know what loss is you’d never know what your “ I won!” is. Stick around to that mirror and your smile, it helps read and answer anything.

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