To the one who broke my heart

To the one who broke my heart

To the one who broke my heart

I used to laugh at people when they said “Romance wears off” and here I am, writing my sob story!

I thought you just faked accent when you met people,  I never knew you too, were One!

Each time you made a mistake, I tried my best getting you on the right path. It did hurt, but I kept giving You another chance. And each time I broke down and wanted to get myself away from this ‘relationship’, I thought of Us, the times we were together. And asked myself, “Should I be doing this?” But you kept committing the same mistake, time and again. Maybe you didn’t love me, anymore! You lost me! I knew you did have a choice, to move away from him but you kept doing the same, yet again. And that just made everything clear to me.

I think Ive hit the rock bottom!  Doctors say I’m clinically depressed. They gave me pills to forget You. But they do not know what’s happening inside Me. My heart is bleeding and there is no one, by my side to fix Me. I’m dead inside. I guess we both are the same.  Even I had a choice! A choice to stop all this. I wish I could!

“Trust issues” han you say!  I probably now know what  Trust really is.  And I won’t do it anymore, because you’ve taught me a lesson, for life!

“You always point the bad in Me” that’s what You kept saying.

Sad right, I never had anything good, to tell you. But now I do,  You are free! No restriction on nothing. No one will judge You, now no one will ever tell You what to do! You always wanted, a break!!  That justified everything You wanted!  Forgive Me, if I  did anything wrong.

I want to forget You because all this while I believed in You. I always said, “If someone ever comes between Us, it breaks Us. And yet, I bought a ticket to your show, when in reality it was You and Him! Maybe this was meant to happen. But you know,  someone just tell this to my Heart.  Because it’s not ready to forget or forgive You.  I am stuck in the middle, dying every single day!

TICKETS TO HER SHOW ( its for you)


Hey, I’m putting on this fake drama, every day to forget You. I keep myself so distracted. I feel like I am stuck somewhere. I can’t come out of this sadness, that’s around me 24*7.  I can’t breathe, my chest hurts and my jaw…you  know it does.  I wish I had the strength to accept the truth and move on. And then I felt sorry, Sorry for Myself.  I see that picture of You and Him and you know what, I burn in flames. But that picture isn’t my weakness, it gives me the strength. When I see it, I come back Alive.  Thank You, for everything!

I said,  I hit the rock bottom and now, its the only way up…


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