Super Dragonball heroes ep 1

Super Dragonball heroes ep 1


Ok, so Dragonball Super had ended a few months back with the assurance of Goku’s return. We fans thought that the next time we would see Goku and Vegeta would be for the Dragonball Super movie releasing December, but I guess Toei had different plans.(Super Dragonball heroes ep 1) They introduced a new anime project called Super Dragonball Heroes a month back with a poster of Fu and a fight we have all imagined once the form was introduced. The fight is non-other than Super Saiyan Blue Goku  Vs Super Saiyan 4 Goku ( Cue the Hype Train )

For those of you who do not know :

Dragonball Heroes is a very famous arcade trading card game available first in Japan only and then later they brought in consoles like the Nintendo 3ds in the forms of Super Dragonball heroes. They still have it in the arcade form as well.

Fu is a villain who was introduced recently in all the latest Dragonball games like Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Dragonball Fighter Z and, well, Super Dragonball Heroes.

Super Dragonball Heroes is a PR anime. It is an 8 minute long anime made for promoting the game only, so don’t get your hopes up.

The timeline this anime is set in is before the Universe Survival arc as it is informed that the anime will have its own take on that arc.

For those of you who do not what Super Saiyan 4 is, I suggest you watch Dragonball GT before this anime.

The first episode was released on July 1 and here it goes:

Goku vs. Goku! A Transcendent Battle Begins on the Prison Planet!

The episode begins with Goku and Vegeta training with Whis on Planet Beerus with a minor change in their attire. For Goku, instead of his kame sign on his gi, he has the Capsule Corporation logo. And for Vegeta, he is wearing the Saiyan armor he wore during the resurrection of Frieza saga along with the same logo printed on his armor.

While they were training, Future Mai appears and says that Future Trunks has disappeared. The Supreme Kai said that Trunks had arrived in this timeline to train. Vegeta got annoyed by the fact that Trunks always get into trouble (I wouldn’t blame him, The Future Trunks arc had just gotten over in this timeline). Suddenly a man named Fu appeared and he told everyone that Trunks was trapped in the Prison Planet. Vegeta asked him how he knew that with a suspicious look. Fu told to not think he is evil, he was concerned for his friend so its only natural that he would get some info ( the guy had a glow on his glasses so you couldn’t see his eye expression. Plus he was smiling and saying. How can you not be suspicious?). Then Fu told them to hurry up and then he chased away.

Later Goku, Vegeta, and Mai had arrived on the prison planet, which on the outside looks like a bunch of planets chained together. After some time they see another Goku appear in front of them with a red attire. He also has a power pole (nyoiboi) on his back (Ah, nostalgia!). Mai was shocked to see another Goku (Didn’t she already see Goku Black?). The Red Goku, who was looking at Fu (who was behind them), transformed into Super Saiyan 4 and charged against him. Goku, unaware of Fu’s presence, transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and starts fighting him. Red Goku understood that Goku was from another universe and misunderstood that he was friends with Fu. When Goku tried to fly higher he had hit something and Red Goku told him there was a barrier. Then his eyes glowed and he produced a Kamehameha wave and then Goku did the same as well. Both the waves clashes and canceled out each other. Goku was surprised at knowing there was a Super Saiyan 4. Fu had understood that the force of the 2 kamehamehas was for breaking the barrier. Though it was for vain, he still congratulated Red Goku for his quick thinking. When Red Goku fired a ki ball against him, he defeated him and he said that the Prison Planet was a laboratory created by him and Trunks was just a pawn to lure them in. But he knew that Red Goku had come to this planet on purpose to investigate it as a time patroller (Surprised? So was Mai.).Fu also revealed that the only way they can get out is if you collect 7 special dragonballs of the Prison Planet. Red Goku had already gotten a Dragonball from Fu. After that Fu vanished and then Goku was screaming his name out loud.

The next scene was Trunks waking up from his cell and the cell walls separate to lead him to a city. Then Cooler in his final form appears and asks him for the Dragonball which in turn surprises Trunks.

In the meantime, Fu was watching Trunks encounter in his lab and he was happy that things were going according to his plan. He then heard a grunting noise and then he said, and I quote, “ Don’t worry your time will come…Mr. Evil Saiyan ” and then shows a Saiyan with no pupils and an evil aura is around him (Did I forget to mention that he was wearing a straightjacket?).

So that’s it for episode 1 and episode 2 will be released on July 16.

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