Super Dragon ball Heroes Ep 2

Super Dragon ball Heroes Ep 2


July 16 is over and its time for another episode of Super Dragon ball heroes

Goku Goes Berserk! The Evil Saiyan’s Rampage!

The episode begins in a location full of red rocks and lava (kind of like during Goku Vs Frieza on Namek). The Evil Saiyan has seen inside of some sort of prison and there is a dragon ball along with him. He then quickly destroys the top of his prison and Fu, who was watching him, felt happy for some reason.

 Then the scenes shift to Goku, Vegeta and Mai walking on the planet and then suddenly a rising ki comes towards them. Vegeta discovers it first. And the team see the Evil Saiyan in front of them with a high reddish blackish visible ki. Vegeta then says that is a ki he has never seen before and that the ki is pure evil. When Goku tried to attack him, but instead, he got trapped in the ki and he starts to go bezerk.  He had no pupils. (Now where have I seen that before?) He then starts fighting Goku. The Evil Saiyan starts shooting ki attacks (while being restrained) and one of them went towards Mai.

Immediately, Trunks had reached the scene and had deflected the attack. Mai gave him new clothes. This time he wears a black shirt with his scarf around his neck.

Vegeta then told Trunks to fight Goku while he takes care of The Saiyan who is revealed (by Fu) to be the evil Saiyan Cumber ( like Cucumber). When Vegeta was going towards Cumber, he gets hit with a small ki attack from Cooler. When Vegeta was surprised that it was Cooler, Trunks told his dad that Cooler is on the good side until he gets the dragon ball. (This part makes you wonder, “Why did he attack Vegeta then?” and the answer to that question is probably he wanted to battle Cumber and he also probably wanted Vegeta to stay out of the way)

So Cooler then fights Beserk Goku and while fighting the black ki around him disappear but he got some sort of tan too. After some time Golden Cooler charges his Golden Supernova (Sweet Name right?) and fires it at Goku and then He becomes normal and his tan disappears as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Golden Cooler tries all of his ki blasts, but none of them work on Cumber. Trunks then go towards the Evil Saiyan draws his sword, which he catches with one hand and then pummels Trunks. He then asked them to fight him and all of his restraints were released. Understanding that there is no other option Mai passes the Potara earrings (Yellow) to both of them and as he saw his own son getting beat up he told Kakarot to hurry up.

Here, at this very moment, we have witnessed a major character development. He has started to feel concerned for his son. Never has Vegeta ever rushed Goku to try the earings. Its always the reverse.

Now they fuse to form Vegito, this time with a grey and orange gi, and they get ready to fight Cumber.

So that’s it for episode 3. The third episode will be released on September.

Until we meet again …


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