Sensory Deprivation Tank – Is It Real?

Sensory Deprivation Tank – Is It Real?



I know, I know, you’re probably thinking about the makeshift tank(Deprivation Tank) from Stranger Things, which is used to make Eleven connect with Upside Down. Well, to those who have not watched Stranger Things it might sound like total gibberish, but well I’ll let you guys deal with that, go see it, it’s amazing!

Ok let’s get back to the sensory deprivation or isolation tanks, well for one, it’s a real thing with amazing benefits. Oh no, you don’t travel to the parallel universe like in the series, but you do travel, out of your senses. It has actually been around since the 1950’s and was mostly used in Europe. All thanks to a postwar researcher and neuroscientist John C. Lilly, who was convinced that the brain of a dolphin contained supreme intelligence that human beings could use to solve all kinds of problems.

So what exactly is this thing? Basically, it’s just a tank with saline water. It’s dark, or lightless, and soundproof. The water is set at skin temperature, so the water is neither too hot nor too cold. Once you’re in the tank you will float (obviously lol!) thanks to the huge amount of salt. Nothing will affect you inside the tank, neither sound nor smell, sight or touch. It’s like being in a different world or floating through space, where none of your senses are roused.

At first, when then tank was built, psychoanalytic researchers used them to mainly test effects on things like creativity, connection, and concentration.

So what are its benefits?

Floatation therapy is an effective way to relax, in fact, it does more than just relaxing. It’s the ideal place to de-stress, no gadgets can reach you here. And hence, it also helps you fight stress-related illnesses, which include fibromyalgia.

It’s also an ultra-effective method to fight insomnia or other sleep-related issues. Research says that floating for a couple of hours a week may improve the symptoms of insomnia.

It releases the tension and stiffness from your muscles, making your body relax along with your mind. And thus it is another effective way to curb body or muscle pain. It reduces blood pressure levels, increases energy and lower anxiety and stress levels.

Due to the presence of Epsom salt in the water, floatation is also beneficial for your skin and hair. It unclogs pores reducing the number of blackheads and clears up breakouts. It is also beneficial if you suffer from skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.

The Epsom salt also gets rid of the junk from your hair. It also helps in creating more volume.

Well, those are some of the benefits. Have you ever tried floatation? Have you ever been inside an isolation tank? Let us know your experiences if you have!


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