A lady calls Nezuya the chosen one in his illusion and that he can be the only male transfer student at the Pretty girl Academy, or become a super popular producer at an Idol Agency, or spending her sisters lottery winnings on buying Mont Saint-Michel or at Atami castle, or knowing that hehe has a large breasted older Step Sister (his name is Nezuza Judgement. What? Did u think I would really talk about oppai?).Then a group of girls arrived and started lifting Nezuya and he has into the illusion which results in his falling after its destruction. Everybody withdraws.

By the way… Soya was pretty surprised to know his friend Nezuya was his enemy.

The name of the old man is Takezo. The full name of Haru is Kumashiro Haru and the full name of Takashi is Takezo Takashi.

Haru apologizes to all and goes to fight the Nebula soldier. Benika and Yosuke follow her. Miu also goes towards Haru with the help of Toroi. She approaches Soya, who had just put on his mask and is ready for the battle. And then the fight begins.

Soya runs towards her, trips her by the leg and gives her a Giga Cat Hammer, but, she dodges it. Then she tries a series of attacks, but he dodges them all and from the back, he formed another Giga Cat Hammer which broke her armor’s arm and then he breaks the other arm (with his leg – You guess the move). The others arrived to assist her but she told them to stay back. Believing that she can fight, she used her aura and reconstructed her arms. She is even stronger and she has purple circles around her eyes. She then sees another flashback of protecting and avenging Miu.

Soya had landed a hit, but then, she started screaming loudly and transformed again. This time she became a powerful dragon, who had gone berserk and couldn’t distinguish between its friends or allies. She attacked the city too in the form of fire blasts. All of them combined couldn’t stop them as she flew before landing a Giga Cat Hammer. Soya then asked if he could fly too. Sensei replied that he wanted to save this move as a Trump Card, but there is no use if we’re all dead, and fires “Cat Doping”. Then a small bright light is shot from the spaceship and there is a race between Soya and the dragon on who would get the Doping. Of course, Soya gets it. It a can of a drink of some sort. Ginko said Both of them will get a hangover the next day. The Giga Cat just eats is.

Suddenly the Giga Cat gets even stronger, with a new armor and wings. Soya was happy for the Power but all Sensei said is that tomorrow will suck.

He forms an attack called Giga Cat Blade (Kind of like Wolverine’s claws) and hits it . Unfortunately, the dragon can heal. The Dragon unleashes a fire attack on Soya but the two Paladins protected him with their deflector shields.

Miu appears and tries calling Haru from the ground and does not work. Ginko tells them that their psychokinetic bond can make Haru hear Miu. Miu then asks Ginko for her help. Ginko agrees and then calls Soya to pick them up, take them as close as possible to the dragon and throw them. Soya reluctantly agrees and does all those things and they flew directly into its mouth.

They meet at the core of the dragon armor where Haru’s exhausted body lies floating. Miu rushes to her, brings her back to her senses and breaks the armor. They went down with Ginko’s bubble and at that moment, she stole the source of Haru’s power and left. Haru and Miu said that they won’t probably fight for a while.

At the end of the episode, Benika confronts the Director and asked him his real goal. He replies True Peace. She asks how. He replies after eliminating the invaders, brings a uniform set of justice, a uniform set of values and a uniform set of ethics and morals. She interrupts him by slamming the table and asking him whether all of that will be brought by psychic violence. He replies Correct. She tells him that he is talking about world conquest. He gives the same reply. She asks him whether he is a child and then returns her “Stardust” saying that it is too much for her. She’s out. She does not want to be swallowed by her own power…

So that’s it for the first 4 episodes. I hope you enjoyed it and the next episode will release on Sunday 5th of August 2018

Until we meet again…

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