Planet With Episode 3 Review: Avenger 1

Planet With Episode 3 Review: Avenger 1



Sensei tells Soya to give up and also that they will find a way out but Soya tells them to shut up. He challenges them to fight him one-on-one. He tells that he is no invader. He is an Avenger and he will beat the crap out of anyone who uses the power of the Dragon. Takashi then tells everyone to attack the Nebula soldier.

He was pretty good at dodging the enemy’s attacks. When Haru came to attack him, he used Giga Cat Hammer against her and one arm of her armor broke. She then caught him with her other arm and slammed him to the ground and put a hold on him. Takashi told Soya to surrender and disarm himself. Soya then used another Giga Cat Hammer to break her other arm. He then went towards Takashi, thinking he can crush their leader and launched another Giga Cat Hammer. Takashi jumped and transformed into his PMGPA and punched his Hammerhead on and then said, “Very well, Destruction it is.” and launched an attack called Thor’s Hammer (No, not Mjolnir) and blasted a big purple beam which destroyed the Giga Cat’s arm and the cliff behind it melted. He then beats the crap out of Soya, who senses the aura of the Dragon who destroyed his Planet from him. Sensei then says a lot of neh’s.

Suddenly a glowing circle came and a big doll which looked like Sensei appeared. The doll catches the Giga Cat and eats him (Its mouth looks like a cluster of stars in a purple and green sky. Ginko goes inside too. And the doll sits and scratches itself. Takashi tells everyone to retreat.Yosuke asks Benika why the Director (Takashi) is not firing the beam at the doll. Benika is sure the Director has his reasons. Everybody turns back, except for Haru, who challenges the Nebula Soldier for the next match he faces to avenge Miu. Everybody retreats.

The Scene changes to an auditorium hall, the Curtain is released and we can see at the stage Sensei (with a cast around his arm), a Dog Alien and a whiteboard between them. The Dog says that the plan was a major failure and the fact that a Siruian boy (Soya) was bossing Sensei around was a great insult to the honor of the Kirugumains. When asked how long he is going to keep the Sirusian around, Sensei replied (this moment is different from other times Sensei speaks at this time he is not speaking via Ginko. This is all Sensei!) that the boy’s power is useful and that his sense of power and psychic is something that the races that joined Nebula lacked and they amplified his own power (Soya was watching all this with a bucket of Chicken with him). The Dog said they lost control and that was the cause of Sirius’ Destruction. Sensei Replied that the destruction was due to his failure in saving them. The Dog disagreed with them saying that the destruction was caused due to their evolution of power and they should have been sealed before that happened. Sensei told that sealed races cease to evolve and asked whether that was the right choice for people that chose the evolution of love. The Dog replied that it is a better fate than destruction. Sensei wants to watch over the earthling but the Dog says that it will be the repetition of Sirius and the Dragon will return. Sensei says the dragon is gone and they are recovering the pieces of the dragon and requests for more time. The Dog declines and says that any responsibility Sensei feels is just arrogance. Then a female voice calls the Dog “You’re Excellency” and says it’s time to go. The Dog says farewell to the Pacifist of Chaotic Black and Sensei says farewell to the Sealer of Fastidious White. As they were leaving, Soya was just about to eat his chicken but he ended up biting his bed sheets.

Ginko informed Soya that he slept for 3 days straight due to overuse of his power. Sensei informs (Via Ginko again) that the giant cat waws is a spaceship and the apartment and the spaceship are connected by a small warp. When Soya asked about his arm, Sensei replied it will be fine soon. Soya also apologized to Sensei. Then a news report told about the Spaceship being there for three days and also interviewed Takamagahara (she was called a local middle schooler) , who talked about Soya not coming back. Sensei tells Soya to go to school, which he obeys dutifully.

Haru keeps on training to beat Soya.

After School Takamagahara asked Soya whether he was free after school. He replied yes and he was next seen inside the occult club room (High School DxD had a very different occult club). She was worried about him. He blushed and thanked the Class rep, I mean Takamagahara Nozomi. He then decided to call her Nozo. Then the Club President arrived (Buchou – I miss High School DxD (crying intensely on the inside)) and she did a cat like movement with her band and said, Runyan. Nozo replied back and urged Soya to do the same. He did it. Then he became a member of the club. Then Nezuya arrives and does the Runyan as well. Soya does not remember Nezuya as being the enemy. As Soya is the UFO type, Nezuya is the magic type. Later the club is told to do their individual stuff until school is over. Nezuya wonders whether he had met Soya before. But he says no. Nezuya was also surprised by Soya’s “Amnesia”. They then became friends, played Reversi (Othello) and school got over. Then they go home and say Goodbye to each other.

Soon another monster appears. This time it’s a circle of upside-down babies. This time there were two core enterings so that Nezuya and Haru entered. Haru saw a land of flowers and q mirror and a

chair in the middle. Nezuya saw a golden building. Miu calls her over and they talk about her past and how they became friends and how Miu will be Haru’s Prince Charming. She regrets not saving her and breaks the illusion and ends up destroying the babies. Nezuya is seen falling down unconscious…



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