Planet With Episode 2 Review: Nebula Soldiers

Planet With Episode 2 Review: Nebula Soldiers


The episodes begin with a conference with the seven and their leader and his secretary. They say that Toroi was the strongest out of them all but its fine and all. Since Toroi finished his report and was just about to leave when his leader says he wants him to lead the investigation about the Nebula Soldier as he might be lurking about in town. When asked about the enemy he doesn’t remember properly. All he can see are cat faces (He must have gotten his memory altered.)

The leader called the objects as Nebula Weapons and called the enemy as Nebula Soldiers and the name of the Organisation to fight the Nebula and help the citizens is called Grand Paladin.

The names of some more characters are discovered. The red-haired girl is Benika, the small Pink haired girl is Miu and the bigger brown haired girl is Haru (Miu and Haru are the bestest of friends… for now!). There is a boy with green hair called Yosuke and a boy with blue hair called Nezuya. The name of the leader is Takashi and his secretary is Shiraishi.

Soya was betrayed by the Vegetarian Tonkatsu. He also said that he isn’t going to school today as he doesn’t care about this world and the school doesn’t matter. When Sensei said it does matter, he blasted at Sensei that they took him to make him his soldier. Ginko was about to tell him something about him, but sensei stopped her. Soya then said that he needed Sensei’s strength to defeat his enemies but he had declared his hatred towards the “Stardust” and his Sensei and stormed off towards his room.

The next scene was Sensei was peeping at the figurine’s underwear and was “shaking downstairs” (You interpret his actions!) and when Soya entered the room, He stood up and a shiver went up to his tail (I repeat my previous bracketed statement). Soya said that he was going for a run and was surprised to see Iron clogs as his footwear.

Takamagahara is worried about Soya’s absence.

Meanwhile, Soya is trying very hard to run with his Iron clogs. When he takes a break, he realizes he needs more stamina to face the rest of the seven (now six). He remembers his people and he promises to avenge them and starts wiping his tears. Then Toroi sits with him and eats a meat bun. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… everybody thinks Soya and Takamagahara is in Middle School but they are in High School) Toroi asked about him missing school and appreciated his clogs. Soya was just looking at the bag till Toroi gave him a bun. When he was about to eat it he kept getting questions about a boy about his age wearing a mask. Soya says no. Then Toroi goes away. He then returns to tell Soya to get to Safety as there rose another Nebula attack. This time the weapon was a pig with angels wings and a halo, human feet at the top and human hands at the bottom of his feet respectively. The word smile is written at the top of its head. Soya asked whether this was from Nebula as well, and Ginko replied yes, however, this weapon was not from their Pacifist faction. It was from the Sealing faction.

When Soya was finally alone to eat his meat bun. He was shocked to find out that the bun was filled with Bean Jam (probably like Dorayaki).

This time Miu leads the group and finds the weak spot and goes into the illusion of her present self-fighting with the Haru of the past and wins. She then talks to Haru about her want for power. Understanding the illusion, she then transforms into her PMGPA and breaks the illusion and the Nebula weapon and saves the day.

Later Haru and Miu walk in the middle of the night together and then confronts Soya and then after the asking of the source everybody transforms and starts fighting.

Together they make a good Tag team. Miu began with her Spiral Break, which Soya dodged, and Haru immediately caught him and performed an Uchi Matai (a judo throw) on him. Miu breaks again and Soya hits a wall while trying to block. Miu boasts about their pair said that they will stop the Nebula invaders. Soya was confused until Ginko told him that the enemies think that all of the Nebula is Invaders. Miu then unleashes her final attack, Psychic Spiral Break, and at the right time Soya unleashed a Giga Cat Upper (Uppercut with the Hammer Hand) at her face and then smashes her PMGPA and Ginko gets the “Stardust” from Miu while they were falling down. Haru catches Miu and Soya catches Ginko.

Seeing that there is one more enemy he told that he can take her on. But Sensei advised him to stop for now. Of course, Soya didn’t listen but before he could do anything, the remaining four and Takashi arrived at the scene to surround Soya. The episode ends with Takeshi saying, “Checkmate. Don’t ever mess with humanity”…

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