Planet With Episode 1 Review: Light, Seven Flashes

Planet With Episode 1 Review: Light, Seven Flashes




Hey Everybody! Did you miss me?

No? Well… I didn’t miss you either (crying on the inside intensely).

Anyway, this article is quite different from your usual articles by moi as this one is not Dragonball related at all.

This article talks about the anime Planet With. Ever heard of it? No? Its fine, its not much a popular anime… yet.

Planet With is a manga created by Satoshi Mizukami and was published on Young King OURs on the 28th of April 2018. Later on 8th July of the same year, collaborating with J.C Staff, the anime version of the manga was released. It currently has a total of 4 episodes with every episode releasing on a Sunday.

You can legally stram this anime on crunchyroll.

The next thing I’m gonna do different is I am going to write about all the four episodes in four articles at a stretch and there will be no intros, just straight to the episode, so stay tuned…

The episode begins in a city engulfed in flames. A young man (Roughly around 20) tells another younger boy (probably his brother because of their similar hairstyle) to leave the city quickly, and then he gets surrounded with a magical aura he flies towards the danger. We then see the boy’s face as he is looking towards a Dragon with Fiery scales and wings. And then his surroundings explode and then we see the boy wake up on his bed with sweat over his face. He realizes that it was a dream and he takes his book of Oneiromancy (the interpretation of dreams in order to foretell the future) to check the meaning of his dream. He sees that a dream about dragons implies growth and change. It also implies good luck.

At that moment a green haired girl (with a cat-like mouth) in a maid costume opens the door to his room (he immediately hides the book under his pillow) and tells Soya (the boy) to wake up as it is morning and time to get up and about. He then tells Ginko (the girl) to not slam open the door. She then sees Soya hiding a book and (assuming it to be a dirty magazine) asks Soya whether he was interrupting something. He replies No (Of course he does).

Now they are at the dining table where he says Good Morning to his Sensei (an actual Alien Cat who sits and walks with two legs and says only nya. Ginko is his Translator.) And eats his breakfast and goes to school. Sensei opens the window of the balcony and then observes him as he is going to school. As he is going he says that he wants to eat meat. Then a girl arrives and says good Morning to Soya by calling him Kuroi-Kun (Now we know his full name in Japanese is Kuroi Soya). He then realizes that it’s the Class Rep. She then realizes that he hasn’t learned her name yet. She then asks whether he is adjusted to the new school or not as he had joined two weeks ago. He then says it’s okay.

The scene shifts to the classroom where the teacher talks about winds. Its lunch time now and he craves for meat. Then the class rep asks him whether he would like to eat his hamburg steak. He then calls her Glasses Goddess. He tries one. It tasted great but it was made out of tofu.

After the meal, he asked the Glasses Goddess, I mean Takamagahara, why he was talking to him. She answered partly because it was her duty as the class rep and partly because she was a transfer student so she knows about loneliness. When she asked him about his old school. He replied that he has amnesia. He only knows that his parents died in the car crash and then Ginko and Sensei looked after him.

Suddenly during class, an announcement came that an unidentified flying object was detected and told the students to evacuate the classroom. Soya was interested about the U.F.O while Takamagahara went full on Wikipedia on him and then they left. She tells that she knows this because she is in the occult club (Maybe like Highschool DxD).

Suddenly a big bear doll-like object with human ears, a nose and many hands and legs at the bottom appear. It has the word peas written on it. Similar objects have appeared all over the world. Ginko said it’s finally here to Sensei. Fighter planes have approached the object but their attacks had no effect. Instead, the missiles burst and the cotton came out. Then the object released a bright light and one pilot saw the memory of his family and then he aborted the mission and went to the base.

Then the scene changes to seven people,(3 boys, 3 girls, and an old man) who appeared to be looking at the sea, summoned a magical aura around them and then flown towards the object (Soya remembers his dream). The seven called, “Psycho photon armor”, and a rock formed around them and the armor was formed (evolving like a pupa to butterfly and forming individual zorgs like Power Rangers). Ginko then calls Soya and tells him to get out and be ready as he has to take care of those seven heroes. Sensei was peeping at the underwear of one anime girl figurine (What awesome anime is complete without a pervy master?).

Now the seven-try to find a weak spot of the object while defending from its attacks. One of the seven called Torai found the weak spot and then went in. He then saw a flashback where he was a fireman and he was protecting his younger self from going into the flames and he went to save his mom. It’s basically doing what he couldn’t do in the past and sort of reliving his lost times with his mother (his Japanese name is Torai Hideo). He became a fireman so that other children won’t face his same situation and he later left the job to save the world.

Eventually, he realizes it’s an illusion and he transformed into his Psycho Photon Armour and then the words I forgive you appeared on white on the black screen and then it cracked and the object was defeated. The other objects similarly got destroyed. Later the seven split up so that the press doesn’t follow them.

Torai is later seen walking in the streets at the dark and later Soya (with a mask), Ginko and Sensei appear to defeat Toroi. Soya asked for the source of Toroi’s power. Sensei says Telekinetic Fusion, holds his shoulders, eat’s bim, does a forward roll and then transforms into a cat Zorg (It’s Morphin’ Time). Toroi then transforms to Psychokinetic Mega God Photon Armour (That’s a mouthful, I’m gonna call it the PMGPA). The PMGPA is huge compared to the cat Zorg. But when Ginko told Soya that he will get tonkatsu, he shouts, “Beef” and then fights the PMGPA. He overthrows it and forms his first Move, “Giga Cat Hammer” (We got a new name for the cat Zorg!) and destroys the PMGPA and Ginko steals the source and giv3s it to Soya. Toroi asks whether he is a part of Nebula. Nobody answered that. Soya looked at the source (It looked like dust in the shape of stars – Stardust) and he gets his memories back. He gets angry and tells Toroi to inform all his friends that Soya will beat the crap out of them

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