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Welcoming you all to Naji blogs where I will be portraying a lot of experiences and stories I have lived in different places with different people. The concept of the blog is all about making a change within me, rather than making a change in others because I strongly believe that change comes from within.

To know about my blog means to know about my story. Hello, this is Naji, I love everything and everyone, I am a bubble of love. I can’t describe myself in just a few words because I am made of paragraphs. From working as a graphic designer to being a brand manager, From being an entrepreneur to being a daughter, From being a depression fighter to being an inspiration. Whatever journey it maybe, I have tend to grow as a person. Believing in myself that I can do it all has to be the agenda of my life. I have always been the girl behind the camera, I see the world a little differently because I see things through my camera lenses rather than my eyes. So mostly I get to see only the good in the bad things, be it messy background and cracked walls, I fall in love with them and they depict stories to me.


This is how I have learned to love the good in the bad and bad isn’t bad at all. It’s just one perception. So this blog is all about honesty and dedication to portray a better version of me even in the worst times. Thank you for reading and I hope I stay worthy of your love and My love to you everyone.

“In all you do, may love to be the core”

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