My sunshine

My sunshine


With his head bent down as though a courtesy to his toes with his lips he walked through the school corridor’s just like an eclipse. those walls with great knowledge didn’t affect him much but nothing he had not judged. The need to walk along with the crowd was felt but at the end ‘ won’t let it get to my head’ on this he was hell-bent. communicating through a speech he wasn’t really attached with but did his eyes see the lies in all that was artificial and guilt. Unaware of what was yet to come, but could he hear the voices in his head playing like a drum. The ones he trusted oh sure he had some, but the one who would walk with him through thick and thin till the end he thought would be none. There was one who caught his eye but lacked the courage to take heart to shield himself from the outwit. Lost in thought of the dame he thought would he ever claim? Or go down the flames. A split of seconds, hours, days and weeks decided to brace up… no doubt love is a daze.

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