Mermaid of the Philippines

 Mermaid of THE Philippines


Mermaid of Philippines are not just myths and legends, they are something more than that. I personally do think they exist. My mother is from the Philippines and she told me that mermaids do exist and if you ask any Filipino they will tell you the story of Sirena(mermaid). In other places, they call it the ‘water mama’.

The different rivers in the Ilocos region although calm and pristine on the surface have strong currents and undertows beneath. So, there was this case where swimmers drown or are in a half-dazed state after escaping the grip of an unknown force which tried to drag them to the bottom of the river; having no other explanation for this the early Spaniards told the natives it might have been a mermaid or Sirena.”

“The Mermaid Queen “is one of the oldest stories in the Ilokano volumes. The Sirena is described as a kind lady with supernatural powers rather than a half-human –fish creature.  

The name of their sovereign ruler was Maginoo Palasipas, who was unhappy despite his vast wealth and power. His desire was to be conquered by the heart of a woman and share his kingdom with a soul mate. This woman had to be the fairest of the fair, whose beauty and character was unmatched by no other. He sought the fairest maidens in the land and presented their beauty to the King.

Tagalog chieftains sent messages offering their royal daughters to be his bride. Chinese, Japanese and Bornean merchants volunteered to sail back to their native lands to bring back princesses of pure royal blood. But he refused all their offers and suggestions.


One evening, Maginoo Palasipas strolled by the riverbank and laid down on the grass to admire the fullness of the moon. He heard a faint and mystical melody from afar. Following the sound of the music, he came upon a maiden sitting on a rock with her back turned. She was combing her thick ankle length hair and sang with the most enchanting voice. He noticed a crown of pearls adorning her head and she wore a silk robe embroidered with gold beads, pearls, and diamonds. The maiden instinctively turned around and he beheld the face of a goddess with flawless olive skin, blue-green eyes like the waters and blood red lips.

Instantly Maginoo Palasipas asked who she was. She answered, “I am the mermaid of Binalatongan” Palasipas replied, “I have heard about your kindness towards my people. Thank you for guiding my fishermen back into shore during a storm, for rescuing Datu Angat’s only son from drowning and leaving a string of pearls to Datu’ Barkat’s widow after he was killed by raiding Tirong pirates.” By this time Palasipas got down on his knees and asked the mermaid to be his wife and rule as the Queen of Binalatogan. The mermaid smiled, nodded her head and gave her hand to the Palasipas. Renouncing her sea life and begin the long and glorious reign of the once mermaid and the powerful Maginoo Palasipas.


My mother told me if you’re at the shore and you cry out for help, you might be lucky to see one. And that the reason for some of the disasters(tsunami, floods) that happen is because it’s their way of punishment to us for killing them. Maybe that’s why they are out in their hiding spot.  They were mentioned of having foul smells and the rotten fishlike odor permeating from the mermaid’s skin.

One of the stories that horrify me the most is where a mermaid sees the panic in a man’s eyes and within seconds grabbed his legs and tried to drag him towards the water’s edge. In the middle of their scuffle, he pulled the rifle trigger and the strange lady instantly vanished before the silver bullet could pierce her scaly body. The guy frightened by this experience quit his position, took the first ship back to the United States and never returned to the Philippines.



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