the Fallen Kingdom

Jurrasic World: the Fallen Kingdom

the Fallen KingdomFun for all, scary for some, Jurrasic World: the Fallen Kingdom

So 2 weeks ago I was telling my parents that I gotta watch Jurrasic World: the Fallen Kingdom cause Jurrasic World was the first movie I had ever seen so I must watch the sequel because of the symbolic representation and crap. After listening to 1 hour of my BS, they finally said Yes. Huzzah! Now moving the timeline towards the present I was sitting on my 4DX seat on Cinepolis Mumbai waiting for Amitabh Bachchan to get over his gold AD so I would watch my movie in peace. Now onto the movie…

Spoiler Warning: This article does not contain spoilers of any kind. Only wimps search for spoilers.

The movie is pretty good. Heck, I’m gonna say it, Amazing. Amazing acting by everyone. There is not a moment you feel that the dialogue delivery could be better. The story was good, the jokes were good and the CGI was a bomb. It’s nice to see that the Jurrasic world is actually a world now where all the different dinosaurs are located randomly instead of specific places like the first movie. There is the introduction of new characters and you also learn new things about dinosaurs as well. Is the ending a bit warm and at the same time very dangerous? You be the judge of that. There is a very nice chance for a third movie, kind of like Jurrasic Park.

I for one enjoyed the film. The 4DX experience helps. My brother, however, was scared out of his mind. He was cursing every time a dangerous dinosaur appeared. So I was pretty happy all the time.

I would give this movie a  solid 4.5 out of 5. It is a must watch for all ages. Except if you have dinophobia. (I don’t know it’s a real word or not I just made it up.)


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