Illustrations that introduce your brain to a different dimension

If you really do like trippy art Illustrations or random stuff in general, you probably might want to visit this Instagram page.

(P.S this is a shameless plug, and I didn’t know what to write about, so here goes nothing)

This page is based on illustrations that can make u interpret it in a lot of ways …. The art basically is super random, recently I’ve  started making series, where each post  is interconnected and tells a story … for example,

llustrations that introduce your brain to a different dimension

This series portrays an astronaut that loves exploring space, the earth in its world is messed up with corruption  and problems of those sort basically stuff happening nowadays but what it would be like if continued in the future, and so the only way it could  get peace was to escape into a different dimension and that was space, where there is  no boundaries, no trespassing laws, no territory belonging to anyone, and pretty much explore whatever it wants without money or anything of that sort.

This particular drawing is the astronaut stuck in in Saturn’s ring. Saturn isn’t this color nor does it look like this but I like using vibrant colors to portray stuff like that… the drawings are pretty much inspired by music, album arts, a lot of space facts and google searches based on space…

Here are a few more pictures from that series:


Another series is the recreational series where I pretty much recreate famous old paintings and add stuff or create my own version of them …here’s some of that…

illustrations that introduce your brain to a different dimension


This is Mona Lisa, here I gave her some eyebrows and pretty cool outfit too, I just like this painting a lot because I’ve been seeing it since I was a kid in cartoons, movies, shows, etc. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the coolest paintings to me as it has codes painted in it. So yeah I thought I could recreate it

Some other ones are:


Da Vinci himself, (this was done in honor of the ending of no shave November, the little creatures are pretty much going to chop his beard of soon…), whistlers mum and more…

illustrations that introduce your brain to a different dimension


Here are some tips on how to create art like this:

(P.S. I’m not the greatest but these tips can probably help you)

  • Create our own world/worlds in your head as weird as that sounds, it helps a lot, create characters that you think an express whatever you want to express.
  • Follow people who have the same ideas on art like you on social media that helps you to kind of widen your thinking.
  • Find out what part of art you are better at, whether it’s to observe an object and look at it and draw, or whether u can bring our imaginations to paper or whatever source
  • Have rough drawings, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do it so u get an idea of how you want things to be
  • Try to take and make the best out of your imaginations, this might take a lot of time to put a work altogether but don’t worry, the more you start thinking like that, the less the time is taken.
  • As soon as u get an idea do a rough sketch, draw it out so you know whether or not you should actually make it a drawing or not.


The page is not only focused on doodling or illustrating but also on photography too. I try to combine art and photography into one and put it out… some of them are…

illustrations that introduce your brain to a different dimension

illustrations that introduce your brain to a different dimension






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