A teacher of mine once told me “No one is born smart, it’s you who struggles and achieve things in life”. Life isn’t about surviving, it’s more about conquering it. Some people keep this kind of mindset that if they cannot do or finish a task, it’s impossible.

 Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”, I read this quote somewhere and it literally changed my perspective about the work I do every day.

Start slowly but effectively by controlling your mind and becoming more self-aware. To have a clear mindset, you should have a clear objective and to do this you have to get out of your comfort zone.  And what I meant by getting out of your comfort zone is to stop procrastinating and stop doing the things that aren’t important or not necessary that you may or may not like to do.

Do plan a schedule that is relevant for your daily activity and accomplishable according to your capabilities. If you ask someone else to work out a schedule for you, you might tend to find it difficult or unmanageable and at the end, you come to a roadblock.


You need to focus, plan a schedule and get rid of distractions. Know that you must hustle and keep on hustling if you want to be on top of your ladder. It will take time, be patient. You will rise step by step on your ladder (on your journey to success).

Commit to your decision you take in life, make time for yourself and learn from your failure. If your friends need you while you’re working on a presentation that is due tomorrow, learn to say ‘no’ at this point because in the end… what do u gain from not rehearsing and going to a party? (I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have fun but to keep your priorities straight.)

Stress is one of the annoying things that happen to us when we are in our uncomfortable zone. We get frustrated in any situation that proceeds us next. Come up with measures that calm you down in such situations. Take a deep breath, meditate, go to the beach, go to your favorite spot may be a quiet and breezy place and just relax your mind, soul, and body.

Get rid of negativity and surround yourself with positivity. Be an inspiration and a motivator for yourself. Sure, others can motivate me to do something or change something but in the end  YOU who make a difference!


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  • Your articles really impress me n I think everyone shld read it including my boys.
    U seem quite inteĺigent!! Bravo.

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