Fit? (Mmmphh!!! You know I’m a lazy ass!!!) What’s that? When do you call yourself fit? I know, when we hear the word “fitness”, guys with abs and gals doing push-ups are what comes to our minds, right? Isn’t that, you know, a bit stereotypical? To me, fitness is not necessarily having abs but being healthy and happy. Maybe, you have a different definition of being fit, but that’s totally fine.


I’m an overweight 16-year old myself. And yes, like many other teenagers, I too have body-image issues, and I’ve tried pretty much everything there is to be thinner (kinda!). But nah, not everything works. Although lately, I’ve been shedding some fat, and yeah, I thought I might give you some tips (not that I’m super fit or anything but duh!).


  1. Quit checking your weight frequently. Sounds weird right? But it’s something I learned long back. Each person’s weight differs according to their body composition, bone density, height, etc. So don’t give too much importance to weight. You know, sometimes people who are skinnier than you might weigh a lot more than you. So you don’t have to worry even if you are a little heavier than you thought. They’re just numbers after all!! Instead, focus on how you feel and how different your body responds to the workouts and diets. You can still check your weight. Just don’t be too obsessed! All of us carry our weightdifferently!    HOW FIT ARE YOU
  2. Challenge yourself. I ’m a person who likes challenges and I think it’s a great way to improve self-control and perseverance. Set a goal for yourself and set a time-limit. Look in the mirror and just throw the challenge in your face. Do it, man, kick f***ing ass!!!!!!!!                                HOW FIT ARE YOU           
  3. You know you don’t have to go to the gym to work out if you don’t like it. Go on adventures, climb rocks (don’t injure yourself though!!), go for evening walks or a jog through the park. Or you could just put on you jam and dance to it. Trust me, that burns more calories than an hour on the elliptical. Workout in a way you enjoy, try new things. Go on adventures with your friends. Move, move, move!!! Move that lazy ass!!!!!!!!!! But if the gym is your thing, then go on…..what are ya waitin’ for?                                                                                                                              HOW FIT ARE YOU HOW FIT ARE YOU
  4. Eat well. Yup, eat according to what your body needs. Of course, you can treat yourself too! Eat healthy (and junk too, at times!!). Try to include more protein, veggies, fruits, etc. Balance is key. You don’t have to starve yourself. Crave some chocolate? Well, have it then. Eat as you like, just don’t overdo it. And even if you do, you could always make up by working out more.
  5. Find out what works for you best. Not everything works for everyone. Do it your way lad!                                                                                                   HOW FIT ARE YOU
  6. Keep hydrated (I know you’ve heard that before!)                                                 
  7. Don’t worry too much if you don’t see results right away! Give your body time. Be patient.                                                                                              HOW FIT ARE YOU
  8. Keep switching between different kinds of workouts. So that your body and muscles become more flexible.                                                            HOW FIT ARE YOU
  9. Believe in yourself and in your body. Instruct your mind and body to be fit (or whatever it is that you want to achieve).                                             HOW FIT ARE YOU

Create your own vision of yourself. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal.

Well, I hope that wasn’t boring for ya! Hey, if you are healthy and happy the way you are, then don’t let anything or anybody else disturb your peace of mind. We’re all unique and come in all shapes and sizes. Fitness should be a matter of your health. If you love yourself, you’ll take care of yourself, right?

You know, every year I make resolutions to shed fat and become healthier. But duh! Every time, the opposite happens. So this year, I made a slight difference in the resolution. I decided to be fatter and surprisingly, I’m getting thinner.

You do you, people! Create your own self!



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