Edward Mordrake  –  One Man, Two Faces


I’m pretty sure y’all must have heard of Edward Mordrake, a sinister character from the American Horror Stories. But he has a history, a history outside the TV series.


Edward Mordrake, according to legend was a man born with two faces in the 19th century, an heir to an English peerage. Wait, two faces? Yep, one on the front, like a normal face, and the other at the back. Creepy, right? The second face could be a case of conjoined twins, where his twin brother got joined with him at the womb, just that his face was at the back of Edward’s head. Ouch!

As the legend says, Edward was a good guy, but very deeply disturbed and troubled by the other face. It’s said that the other face was just the opposite of Edward, it was happy when Edward was sad; it was sad when he was happy. It would cry when Edward laughed and would laugh when Edward cried. It used to whisper evil things to him constantly, making Edward lose his peace of mind and at times, sanity. Imagine going to bed every day, with another face at the back of your head, whispering evil things to you!

It’s said that Edward was seldom seen outside in public. He always remained confined within the four walls. I mean, who would want to go out with such a bizarre condition? Driven insane by this evil, whispering face, Edward committed suicide at the age of 23.

Nobody has really seen such a man, to be honest. There are no such records, except a newspaper article from the 19th century, which also featured few other bizarre cases.

Anyway, Edward’s legacy has passed through time and has influenced numerous sinister stories and art. He’s always associated with creepy, horror stories, because, honestly, the whole thing is very creepy!!

But when I think a little deeper, my heart actually goes out to Edward. I don’t know if he was real or if it was just the imagination of some writer. But even then, it must’ve been so hard for him, going through countless sleepless nights, with someone constantly whispering in his ears, someone, stuck on the other side of his head.

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