13 Reasons Why (A Few Reasons to Not Miss this Amazing Show)

13 Reasons Why (A Few Reasons to Not Miss this Amazing Show)


Well, hello there! Today, I’ll be writing about one of my most favorite TV series of all time – 13 Reasons Why.

For those of you who don’t know about this show, it’s based on Jay Asher’s debut novel of the same name.

The story is about a teenager, Hannah Baker, who suicides, leaving behind 13 reasons why she did it on recorded tapes, which are passed around to all those who are mentioned in the tapes in order, with someone to supervise that the plan goes well.

The story is narrated from the perspectives of Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker.When I started seeing this show, I never thought that I’d be that affected by it. And by affected, I don’t mean in a negative way.

I was hooked on to it until I finished watching the last episode. It’s a pretty
intense show, and the warnings given prior to the start of the first episode is something that should not be ignored at all, if you are a person who is going through a difficult phase, you may want to watch it
with a trusted adult or mentor.

But putting all that aside, it’s one of those few stories which will leave a
lasting impact on its viewers. It’s an outstanding experience, complemented all the more by its amazing screenplay and captivating music.

I’ve also collected some facts about some of the cast members here:
1. The role of Clay Jensen is played by Dylan Minette. He was born in Evansville, Indian. His first role was in Drake & Josh, and from there he has done more than a dozen TV shows. He is also a
member of The Willows, an indie-rock band, in which he is the singer and guitarist. He is a great fan of rap and R& B as well.

2. Christian Navarro, who plays Tony Padilla, unlike the character wasn’t always the voice of reason. In an article on Popsugar he states that he used to get bullied in middle school due to his due to his height, so in order to counter that, he became the bully. But once he was in high-school, he cut out all of that nonsense. He got a clean slate after changing schools in high-school.

3. Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica Davis, originally auditioned for the role of Hannah Baker, but as we
all know now, the role went to Katherine Langford. Nonetheless, Alisha has done an amazing job
portraying Jessica Davis. Alisha made her debut in the 2008 horror flick Amusement.


The author of the book, Jay Asher is a pretty cool guy as well. He has worked at an independent
bookstore, an outlet bookstore, a chain bookstore, and two public libraries. He hopes, someday,
to work for a used bookstore. When he’s not writing, he plays guitar and goes camping.
In case you are interested in listening to Hannah’s tapes, you can find them official website of
the book (not the one mentioned in the series). Once you enter your age, and the website
deems you as eligible, you can listen to Hannah’s tapes.

Have you watched or read 13 Reasons Why? What’s your opinion on the show or on the book?
Let us know!


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